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Providing a SOLID Home Inspection 

Serving central and Northern Virginia

Residential home inspections starting as low as $300.00 Don't let your house BOSS you around! Know the condition of your home before you buy! Go on vacation with ease of mind that your home has be thoroughly inspected and find issues before they become a major problem potentially saving thousands of dollars.

Experienced and professionally trained

Granite Home Inspections LLC

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Residential home inspection

Find out about your home today

A thorough home inspection is imperative in the home buying process and for preventive maintenance of your current home. Granite Home Inspections LLC will inspect the roof, attic,crawlspace,interior and exterior along with the systems of your home .

Pre listing inspections

Seller inspections (sometimes referred to as pre-listing inspections) are becoming more popular because they virtually eliminate all the pitfalls and hassles associated with waiting to do the home inspection until a buyer is found.  In many ways, waiting to schedule the inspection until after a home goes under agreement is too late.  Seller inspections are arranged and paid for by the seller, usually just before the home goes on the market.  The seller is the inspector's client.  The inspector works for the seller and generates a report for the seller.  The seller then typically makes multiple copies of the report and shares them with potential buyers who tour the home for sale.  Seller inspections are a benefit to all parties in a real estate transaction.  They are a win-win-win-win situation. 

Move in certified

Are you selling your home? Let an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector® inspect it before you even list it. A Move-In Certified™ home has been pre-inspected, which means that the seller can confirm that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement, and no known safety hazards. A Move-In Certified™ Seller Inspection informs you of any defects or problems with your home so that you can address them before prospective buyers discover them. You can then take the time you need to obtain reasonable repair estimates. Show prospective buyers that you are dealing in good faith. Avoid 11th-hour negotiations and delays, and justify your full asking price by having your home pre-inspected now.

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Just as you trust your health to a professional Doctor and your car to a professional mechanic, trust a professional home inspector with your home

90% of deck failures are a direct result of improperly fastened ledger boards! A professionally trained inspector will know the difference !  

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Experience that counts and education that matters

About Granite Home Inspections LLC

With over 20 years in construction experience and a graduate of American Home Inspectors Training, Granite Home Inspections LLC is providing a SOLID home inspection. As a certified professional inspector through interNACHI, I will be giving your home a complete inspection from the ground up! I will focus on safety related issues and major systems deficiencies relying on my professional training and years of experience.  Each home and its systems will be individually evaluated and I will professionally communicate my findings with the client in a timely manner discussing any problems. Granite Home Inspections LLC uses Spectora, a leading electronic reporting system sent through email within 24hrs . All reports are confidential and Granite home Inspections LLC strictly adheres to interNACHI standards of practice and guidelines. Just like people, every home is different , Please email or call for your individual estimate. let me put my experience to work for you!

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